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I’m Alex Vickers, and my elevator pitch that I always share with folks is that I grew up with the micromobility industry. I got into the space fresh out of college in 2011, and over the course of nearly a decade I’ve had the privilege of working on the industry’s marquee projects at companies like Motivate, JUMP, and Uber. My claim to fame is BIKETOWN in Portland, where I had a hand in nearly every step of that systems launch. At Uber, my work focused on supporting market entry, program managing mobility hubs, and managing Uber’s presence within the mobility conference circuit.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, and if you’re on Twitter, you can find me @vickersbikes.

What is Drasienne?

Drasienne is the archetype of what became the bicycle, invented in 1817 by Karl Drais. It’s also known as a Dandyhorse or (my personal favorite) a Laufmaschine. This newsletter is named after the Drasienne to shine a light on the long 200+ year history of two wheeled transportation. Find out more in the Drasienne Manifesto.

Is this a history lesson newsletter? Not quite. Is this a “whatever is on Alex’s mind” newsletter? Hell yes. I hope you like it.

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My musings about micromobility, transportation history, and my day to day mobility experience in cities.


Alex Vickers

Micromobility veteran, coffee lover, and obsessive about sustainable mobility.